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Management Services Division - International Sourcing Company's Management Services Division will provide management and consulting services for our client's product and/or service offerings within the Central and Southern Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Northern Arkansas, and Northern Western Kentucky markets. Additionally, we will assist small to medium size business organizations market and sell their product offerings through a variety of channels. The market entry channels could be the Internet, big box retailers, and/or food industry retailers such as grocery stores, food processors, and convenient stores operations. This business unit will focus its efforts on providing exceptional brand management, marketing analysis, and selling services to meet our client's needs. This business unit could join forces with our E-Business partners and/or our Strategic Sourcing Division to offer a complete one-stop resource service package to enable a new startup or a longstanding entity to gain valuable assistance. More importantly, International Sourcing Company will be able to tailor a service package that specifically meets our client's needs to expand and maximize their potential. This segment will utilize the most up-to-date market intelligence to assist our clients in making informed strategic business decision. The fee schedule for these services can be addressed through a variety of creative solutions to meet your company's unique business needs.

Strategic Sourcing - International Sourcing Company Strategic Sourcing Division provides strategic sourcing solutions that can achieve quality standards and logistical requirements of even the toughest of conditions. Our team can handle the business development and procurement activities from start to finish. Our team has cultivated relationships with over 200+ manufacturers worldwide and can utilize these relationships to mitigate challenges to yield successful procurement strategies to implement for your organization. These long-standing relationships forged by our team will yield quality control standards that will meet or exceed your organization's quality assurance initiatives. Furthermore, our team will visit any plant around the globe unannounced to ensure our client's quality standards are consistently and accurately being achieved. Our team's international sourcing experience is comprehensive and grounded in sound financial metrics that enhance the financial performance of our clients.

Our team can assist your organization in the following ways:

  • We can find low cost providers in any area of the world to produce your product offerings per your specifications;
  • We can perform blind quality audits at any location around the globe at intervals per your specifications;
  • We can assist in creating and articulating your project specifications and characteristics in local languages to ensure nothing is lost in translation;
  • We can manage the cultural differences that result in international business transactions due to the lack of knowledge about local business practices;
  • We can assist in mitigating cost overruns associated with international business transactions;
  • We can leverage our team's international business knowledge and company resources to yield positive financial results for your organization.

International Business Services - International Sourcing Company's International Business Services Division is focused on assisting our client's with their interests abroad. This could be the creation of a expansion strategy to gain foreign market entry, analysis of foreign modes of expansion, determining economic viability of target countries, and providing unbiased opinions on political stability of target countries for the client's proposed activities. If you are in search of unique product offerings from around the globe, our team of professionals can assist you in identifying product offerings that meet your organization's core competencies to import and offer to your client base. Conversely, if you seek to export your product offerings to clients around the globe, our team of professionals can assist your efforts of navigating the complicated process associated with international business transactions. Our team is ready to provide world-class service and sound business strategies focused on achieving your organizational objectives while providing positive returns on investment from start to finish.

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